Daily Devotionals


(7 Recyclable Days… Plus a Bonus 8th Day)

Day 1:  Love’s knocking on the Door.  Do I open it?

I chose this symbol, a personification, of love being a person knocking at your front door.  In today’s times of security issues and terrorism, whenever I hear someone knock on my door, I flinch.  My first gut reaction is “who could that be?”  Then my brain receives flashes of pictures:  mailman; salesperson; boys or girls scouts; church solicitor; or just plain friend.  But it usually is all the bad negative thoughts that I register.  I have even (I am afraid to admit it) hid in another room silent hoping the stranger would go away.  I’d peak out after a few minutes to check.
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Love is Knocking on the Door.

(A Preface to Weekly Reminders)

I decided to write this daily devotional one day as the impulse came to me as an epiphany in the shower.  I had just denied my savior three times within a 12 day time frame right after I devoutly and earnestly promised to devote myself for this holy purpose.  But, like Simon Peter, I failed, and, in fact, the cock did crow thrice.  Previously, I had an insidious addiction that I believed to be sinful, wayward and base.  That weakness came out of remission, three times.  I had refused to live in the moment but preferred stressing over the past and future.  Again, how you handle and react determines your course.  So here I am naked and laid bare for all to see.
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Preliminary Book of Covenants

As we are not bound by any codified law from within, these terms are laid forth as simply observations for standards that may exist some day…..

1.  Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s …

It is extremely hard to not feel sexual tension with members of the human race that are considered a temptation or an attraction.  The Internet, TV and print media reveal scenes and shows of sexual betrayal, lust and wanting.  The pressures of this material world are great.  Our jobs require an undue amount of work for minimal pay and no real vacation.  Our families mostly take us for granted and we end each day exhausted and spent such that the only reaction we exhibit is anger, hatred, and abusive language.  The reason is because the barrage of all these factors force us to choose the easiest path of “ignorance is bliss.”  Do what our predecessors did?!  Repeat the past which was considered acceptable.  To attempt change may result in more turmoil and strain?! Continue reading »

The Sixth Gospel of Daily Reminders

The world is but a void filled with images to capture and enslave.  Those who collect and fill the cup of life with challenging pictures give us choices.  We can accept the accuracy of these flashing moments, or we can imagine a different world.  Have you ever wondered that if you weren’t born, you wouldn’t be here.  Or have you thought about looking from your mind’s eye, not your real eyes, but behind them and wonder what makes you live, breathe, think.  What about that last word or verb, “to think.”  Like what’s behind the skin operating my senses??  Most do not have the slightest idea what that means or how much energy it takes to actually enter that realm.
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