In the dictionary

DREAM = Daydream; Vision; Anything so Lovely; To Imagine as Possible; Fondest Hope
PUB = Public House; Cafe; Whole; Community; Open; Sharing a Common Purpose

If you mix the two, what do you get??? Not a physical place, but rather, a space to act, be, and dream responsibly. Sip your metaphorical tea or coffee brew and partake of renewed senses.

(Note: Please remember, “everything in moderation…..” as Grandpa D. used to say….
And he lived to the ripe old age of 96.)


Dream Pub


Come join us at Dream Pub and choose your E-Book Icon category. With the style of either tea or coffee, imbibe as the written word to evoke the dreams in your heart…….

Our Mission: To create a supportive, friendly environment for you to become more open to love, integrity, and compassion. The goal is to supplement your emotional life with positive feelings. May this diverse collection of literary genres be the catalyst for your heart and mind to inspire a more balanced and healthier YOU !!!!!!

The Menu: The following ebooks are being served at Dream Pub. Some have tea types & some coffee flavors to describe their aromas. Let the libation steep into you. Move you. Deeper. Release yourself from enslaved thoughts and daydream about the best in you. Always refresh yourself with the Love Book afterward. Peace will come on the inside…..



Horus Novel and Pulp Fiction Comic

Horus Novel & “Pulp Fiction” Comic

New Assam,
Modern & Enlightening

Spiritual Blog and Series

Spiritual Blog & Series

Chai Hazelnut,
Baby Boomer & Peaceful


Up North Series

“Up North” Poetry & Prose

Darjeeling Ginger,
Outdoors & Nature

Mr Pettigrews Corner

Mr. Pettigrew’s

Mocha Java,
Fireplace & Contemplative


Raisan d'Etre

Raison d’Etre
(Not for the Faint of Heart)

Espresso Roast,
Rated R & Reflective

Walleye Lake

Walleye Lake

Mystery & Thriller

Health Resources

Health Resources

Decaf & Educational

Book of Love



Book of Love