Accept Your Bigness

Go back if you will to the first paragraph in the post “Bigger is Better”.  Please re-read it!  (That’s a friendly instruction.)  Witness the beauty in the movement of the clouds, the various shades of color they reflect.  Gaze at the greenness of the multitude of leaves hanging from a tree’s branches and its intricate web of limbs.  Watch the rippling of the ocean, a lake, a pond’s surface.  They come to life with a plentitude of bounty:  butterflies, birds, frogs, swans, insects, and other critters to enjoy.

Now, in the stirrings of your emotions, pour those images in, and picture your bigness:  your dreams, your passions, your love, your interests, the core of where and how your happiness lies.  Accept it all in this melting pot stew and partake.  Eat!  Digest!  Feel full!  Big!  Merry!  You can almost wrap your arms around it in a magnanimous hug.  That’s your soul’s embrace of your being bigger than the pettiness, dregs, and pollution of evil that resides and maintains its spreading as some bizarre strain of disease, incurable, insufferable, unbearable, unless you employ these methods.

Best of luck, and the divine in place emanating from the inside out will overcome your small ways…….

The Basics

OK.  So you’ve made it this far.  It wasn’t all that difficult.  And you still wonder how to maneuver next.  Again, you resort to those hard objects that only lead to worry, frustration, and stress.  And we know what that results in, quicker than normally required:  death.  Which is where we are all headed some day.  Why not tackle the issues now on how to live big.

First, we must re-examine commercialism.  Correct!  Our global economy wants to offer more benefits in their products that they hadn’t covered in the past.  Why not see it as a judge ruling on a legal case.  They usually rationalize the holding (i.e., result) based on the facts.  Deciding ass-backwards, as I overheard.  How did we get to a condition of taking this particular pill?  Why do my neck and back continue to hurt?  Why does my eyes ache, head pound?  Why can’t I move better?  Why do my ears ring?  Why are my joints sore?  What is going on with my body?  Well, since we tend to focus all our energy there, in pleasuring our gluttony, greed, and lust for uncontrollable urges, it only makes common sense that it is in this area that you complain.  Yet, what is that underlying cause?  Why is it have to be like that?

There are no quick fixes on this earth.  Time is needed, in many instances.  And in all circumstances, the basics.  Lets talk about KISS:  Keep It Simple Silly!  When in doubt, we should always go back to basics.  In order to be BIG, simple steps should be taken.

For example, if I’ve been diagnosed a diabetic, then insulin is prescribed.  However, in order for me to feel my best, to accept the concept of “bigger is better,” I must apply exercise and nutrition.  That’s as basic as it gets:  30 minutes of solid exercise, like brisk walking; bicycling; swimming; figure it out; yes, AND, a healthy diet, regulated, to a certain calorie limit, with a good combination of all the food choices, that is customized to meet your physical situation.  Weeks, months, maybe years, are in store as well as a hefty dose of discipline, in the beginning as a catalyst, to get started.

As an aside, in our hectic, rush-rush, daily existence, we are deluded in believing there is no time left.  Fortunately, when this easy formula is inserted, I have found how little time is involved, and realize how much time has been tragically wasted.

Try another example on for size.  Say you inherited degenerative arthritis that slowly and insidiously provokes weakness and slowness of your fingers, hips and knees.  Initially, consulting a doctor, chiropractor, or therapist is recommended.  Though in the end, the basic course will prevail:  morning stretches to loosen up the muscles; strengthening later to build the muscles that support the bones; and maybe a brace or such to give stability; apply hot shower or cold compress.  Sounds like rehab, well, maybe.  Either way, you take on the instruments of self-correction.  For who better knows you, your body, your thoughts, than you.

Second, in all these approaches, there is a critically basic characteristic that must, unequivocally, accompany these treatments:  a positive attitude.  But you’re a negative person, hate everyone, and don’t want to comply.  All in good.  Unfortunately, I could pretend in telling you that reading Norman Vincent Peale, Scott Peck, Wayne Dyer, the Dali Lama, and others will modify your perspective.  I sincerely believe that would help; however, even the entire reading of the Bible may not solicit the power you seek.  Having said that, daily motivational versus each morning or night wouldn’t kill ya.  This involves the basic matter of faith.  Just trust it.  Do it.  Be positive, over and over and over again, until it sticks.  You’ll be amazed the difference.  The mind, teamed with the heart, provides the bigness to march forward.

A caveat:  Fear will always be present.  So…..  Keep it fun.  Try to laugh, encourage a smile.  The brain will relax by accepting, appreciating, admiring, becoming the bigger aspects of life all around us and often unobserved consciously.

And third, the race is won over time.  Guess what? It’s not a sprint, but a marathon.  What counts is endurance, again, not the quick fix.  Little Band-Aids turn us into mummies and preserve our current state of decomposition.  We must move forward and avoid letting this endurance test squash our chances from the beginning.  Remember, for some, that finish line may be tomorrow.  It’s in the process, the journey, the adventure, the exploration, the quest, the trip, how we handle the situation, how one individual is sufficient, enough, and how each of us and all of us, of whatever culture, has worth.

It’s that simple.  Be deliberate in the basics.  Think long-term.

Bigger is Better

The new Introduction (A Philosophy)

Yes, yes!  It’s true!  Bigger is better!  Rather, living bigger is invariably better!  And it’s not with tangible things espoused in this vein.  Instead, put aside physical items that give us pleasure in the sense of social status, fame, and fortune.  Look to what’s been missing from life in its underlying quality:  overlooked beauty; underlying awe; forgotten mystery; and latent essence.

For example, contemplate, think about, ponder the lichen on a mature tree.  What is it?  What makes it greenish-grey?  Does it protect the bark?  Is it harmful?  Is it nature’s invisible paint splattered, painstakingly applied, as commissioned by an artist?  How’s it smell?  Feel?  Why am I attracted to it so?  Why’s it make me feel safe, secure, loving, and at peace?  In harmony?!  Balanced?!

The reader may take me as a fool.  But in reality, from this day forward, life will change.  You will be altered.  Even though I express it in the passive voice as if it will happen to you, the sense will actually be sparked from within.  So, for the time being, let us dispense with the superficial fears, like how we look, what we do for a living, how much money we have, how many cars we own, how large our house is, how many “toys” we possess, what our golf handicap is, how smart we think we are, how much alcohol we can drink, or who we know and associate with.  Are we still breathing?!

“Perhaps, among us may be found generous spirits, who do not estimate honor and justice by dollar and cents.”  Quote from author, Harriett Beecher Stowe.

Might it be suggested, then, as an alternative solution, not quite as obvious as in society’s eyes or by worldly standards of today, rather prefer, insist, on being bigger.  Yes, bigger than that. Look to be one with the tree, absorb the florescence of a sunset, listen to motivating music, hear the sounds of nature and the wind, bow to the full moon on a dark evening, swim in a lake, nap on a hammock, daydream in the clouds, and honor the sun.  And in those moments that you place yourself, understand how big you really are.

Your soul does exist for it recognizes these stimuli. Your mind will grow, and expand its horizon of who:  what you truly ought to be, do.  It’s right there in its intangible form.  Because your brain along with your heart can grasp it, and it will make you feel BIG.