How I did it!! The Frankenstein’s monster.

After practicing law for eight years, I was not happy.  The money was great but I needed to do some serious soul searching and decided to follow in the steps of several of the greatest influences in my life: teachers.  I decided to teach English.  After three years, I ventured out again on a writing and publishing journey which has made me an advocate for kids with health issues.  Here’s how I did it: Continue reading »

Blessing in Disguise

What does one do after a 2nd, 3rd, now 4th career change???  If you either lost your job, retired, are bored, unchallenged, and looking for something more or new…..  Well, it’s time to live your dream!!! For me, I was simply unhappy with my circumstances….. Continue reading »

TOP TEN Words of Wisdom:

To Self-Publish or Not to Self-Publish??

  1. Do not quit your day job….. initially.
  2. Volunteer at places where your interests lie.  Free service begets referrals and paid gigs.
  3. Share examples of draft writing or artwork with these folks, who care about you. (But, not ideas since can’t copyright them.)
  4. Phase out day job as an experiment and explore incorporating your new niche.
  5. Did I forget to mention…..  Find your NICHE.  Be specific!
  6. Start at a grassroots level (ie, your own community vs. national) and work from there.
  7. Always entertain feedback, good or bad, and see it as advice to change or adjust.
  8. Marketing sucks!!!  Listen to those targeted as your audience.  What do they want??  And deliver based on your style.
  9. Recycle yourself into multiple formats.  (Like speaking, audio, video, etc.)
  10. Quit your day job and live your DREAM !!!  (See story “Blessing in Disguise”)