Raison d’Etre (Not for the Faint of Heart)

raison_d-etre_bookA story set in modern day Chicago and Washington, DC about a boy who lost his way. In a world where the suicide rate has catapulted into astronomical statistics, mental stress and emotional trauma are rampantly diagnosed. Our youth are seeking their own form of personal Woodstock to relieve the pressure of being born in this highly technologically advanced global infrastructure. The main character, Bradley McIntyre Blake, III, is no exception.

This is a unique reflection of perfection gone bad. Born into a life of plenty but drawn down into a life of angst and loss. Not for the faint of heart……

Raison d’etre is French for its literal translation: “reason to be.”


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  1. “Heavy, soupy and amorphous.  A dark stream of consciousness.”
    Licensed Psychotherapist, who asked to remain anonymous
  2. “Not since The Fly Truffler has there been there been a more profound literary book in this genre about the effects of emotional disorder.  A must addition to this collection.”
    Doctor, Detroit, MI
  3. “A poetic masterpiece !  A Jackson Pollack dressed up like an Andy Warhol !”
    Regional Fine Arts Critic


Years after Columbine, authorities know the true meaning of the attack by students on their own school as represented in this bizarre formula:
[ (Isolation + Depression + Persecution) cubed  times  (Non-acceptance by self and by peers + “notoriety as attention getting”) ]  divided by  [Fear]  =  Terroristic or Suicidal Deeds !!

Why are today’s youth feeling this way??  Because, we, as an American culture, still struggle with emotional issues across the spectrum.  Of the four horsemen of a well-balanced life, including physical, mental, spiritual and emotional, this last facet is the most difficult to address.  Now, more than ever, our young minds are in need and having trouble spreading their sense of idealism once again.  Without a concerted effort to support a mechanism in place to confront, cope and deal with our society’s weaknesses here, individual kids are left to solve the problem alone.

As scientifically remarked, “garbage in, garbage out.”  It is my belief that a positive loving attitude in approaching our teens is of critical importance to producing healthy vigorous perspectives.  As a day-dreamer myself, I’ve fought hard as an advocate for safe emotional harbors to allow vulnerability and peaceful self-analysis to occur.  Lets come together to bring the passage of this revised Bill of Rights on behalf of hurting souls everywhere.  May it act as a monument celebrating our unique personalities and souls that are housed within each of us.

Lastly, if I could return to that cryptic formula representing hatred extrapolating a nuclear equation of terror, I wish to reconstruct a polar opposite, almost Einsteinium hypothesis, to combat its evil influence and resurrect true power:
[ (Love + Love) squared times Love ] cubed  =  Healing
Q.E.D.      Note:  Tempus Fugit

Raison d’Etre (ie, Reason to Be)

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