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Health TIPS by G. Robert –

  1. Think with your Heart when it comes to your health.  Emotional health is key to coping and acceptance.  Embrace and project this loving perspective as the beginning of becoming a fully healthy you.  Be the role model.
  2. Address the emotional and the rest will follow.  I have discovered as a teacher that once I tapped into a child’s emotional side, that the technical stuff comes easily.  Be open, be observant and listen, and be supportive of your child’s growth.
  3. Empathy is everything.  You know the old saying, “Until you walk in someone else’s shoes…”  Put yourself in their position as a kid in this fast paced generation.  Be engaged to develop a better relationship; it will make the difference.
  4. Be Positive !!!  All those famous motivational speakers were on to something.  Your mind, along with the power of the heart, is an amazing tool.  Be courageous here and this reinforcement will be contagious.
  5. Keep it Simple, Silly.  And have fun!!  Laughter does make the best medicine.  Studies have shown how the simple act of smiling has therapeutic results.  Time is short, so enjoy those precious moments with your children.

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Rob Lyles, aka, G. Robert, is the author of the Sillwee Wobbert book series on children’s health.  His goal is to help kids better understand their health on an emotionally appealing level.  The messages of acceptance and tolerance are important in our society that faces health epidemics like obesity.  What started as supplemental resources for education has expanded into fun interactive enrichment programs.

sw_happyheartkid_c400-237x300Sillwee Wobbert, The Happy heart kid

New and impressive ‘Sillwee Wobbert’ series of inspiring stories about health issues for young readers introduces the first book on Sillwee Wobbert. With his heart shaped head, Robert is an universally engaging caricature that shows kids it’s OK to live, laugh, be silly and have fun with friends while taking proper care of oneself. He is born with a heart condition, but that doesn’t stop him from meeting friends, playing and being silly. His whimsical antics allow him to help his friend Vivian with a problem and ultimately inspires his new name. The vividly colorful yet simple illustrations help this rhyming story and its deep, positive inner message come fully alive.

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sw_thebiggame_c400-230x300Sillwee Wobbert and Wheezing Will in The Big Game

Sillwee Wobbert looks forward to playing soccer with his friends. But one friend, William, an African American boy, hasn’t always been able to participate in soccer. Nicknamed affectionately, Wheezing Will, his asthma made it hard to run and play; but when he rests, eats snacks and uses his medication properly, he can do anything his friends can do–and more! Sillwee Wobbert and Wheezing Will forge friendship and understanding asthma in this marvelous story perfect for sharing. It opens communication about accepting a condition that can leave children feeling frightened and isolated.

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sw_schoolandplay_c400-231x300Sillwee Wobbert, Diabetes and Jose at School and Play

Sillwee Wobbert is a thoughtful kid who helps his friend Jose, a Latino boy, overcome adversity on the baseball field at school. It’s a heart-warming adventure of children playing together, helping each other, and learning that they are all special in unique ways. Jose shows his friends that he can run and play baseball and that eating well and being fit help him with his diabetes. Today more children are conflicted with diabetes conditions, but isn’t it good to know that Jose can lead a normal, healthy life like any other child.

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