coffee_cactusdsc01653Why “Dream Pub” – lish ?????

Because, simply, I have a passion for day-dreaming, creating, and writing prose poetry & free verse.

“My object in living is to unite my avocation and my vocation as my two eyes make one in sight.”
Robert Frost,  Two Tramps in Mud Time

So where do I go to find a comfortable environment to relax, take a load off, and chill…?

My Favorite Spot.  The one I’ve created here.  The one I’d like to share with you:

I want something with unique taste that will provoke a dreamy state of mind…… and stimulate an independence of spirit.

Lets consider history as proof:  the Boston Tea Party.  It really was about American’s brewing their own stuff.  And being taxed on it by the Stamp Act.  The colonists preferred to trash the tea instead of losing their liberty and freedom.  With that perception, it was a cause for the revolution…..

Based on this foundation, old words are resurrected anew:  Rebellion!  Revitalization!  Recreation!!
I label it “R&R … and an extra R”.

I love our country’s pursuit of freedom.  If I could merge my belief in the concept of ‘love’ which most of our world rejects, with one of surviving in the ‘trenches’, like a common man in the woods, I think I’d search for a place, an imaginary home off the water among the trees, called Dream Pub…….. to take my stress away.

I employ tea and coffee types and smells to provoke these new sensations as I find they offer many opportunities to take a break and feel good.

Now, pretend you’re in a remote lost town overseas.  Look around and find a fascinating pub house:  windows with mystical designs of leaded glass, stellar woodwork with intricate carving, and that unique character floating in the atmosphere that makes you recall what’s most important in life.  Quaff the air and smell the diverse aromas.

Call me over.  The owner and humble waiter.  And elect your potion of choice.
Then…. sip, taste, digest, and imbibe the word….. flowing through your every vein.

Yes, partake of the ‘dreams’ available in the form of these E-books.  And Enjoy….