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Live the Dream in any State of the Economy

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Dream Publishing Co. is a new media company that self-produces creative and innovative literary tools to empower adults and children to overcome adversity and think independently. Its focus is two-fold: (1) to provide a friendly comfortable place to digest powerful content to help live the dream via “” and (2) to offer a friendly and child centered resources putting kids first via “” These ebooks help the readers improve their self-expression, communication and well-being in a loving, open and inclusive environment.

The first line of books was the unique Sillwee Wobbert Picture Book series which has been an immediate success. It brings a multidisciplinary approach to education and continually expands into more interactive programs and activities. In this light, the author acts as a safe advocate for kids, parents, teachers and healthcare professionals. The second line of ebooks tackles issues in the form of a cornucopia of genres. The sky is truly the limit in regard to these subject matters.

This new and evolving company seeks vested feedback from all its customers to insure the newest most available material for all. Both sites offer interactive blogs, articles, podcasts, and free material to wet any appetite for learning more. And becoming a fully healthy you….

A brief history: Publishing, in general, has transformed more as an industry in the last thirty years than it has in the last 300 years. Until the 1970’s, the usual way to get one’s writing in print was to approach one of the major publishers and sell out to their slower, monolithic, institutional processes. However, most people never realized that Washington Irving, Walt Whitman, Mark Twain and Henry David Thoreau, and Ben Franklin, to name a few, all initially self-published their works. With the growing technological advances in the 1980’s and 90’s, this industry has seen emerging small competitors. In the last decade, small publishers have increased by over
300 percent.

The publishing paradigm changed in 1996 from 52,000 medium to small publishers to now, in 2008, 83,000 small or self-publishers. Self-publishing has become a financially viable option for many in light of the newest digital advances in the 21st century. Ebooks are the newest rage. As distribution channels have become economically friendly, based on online techniques, and the stigma of getting reviews has diminished substantially, because of niche marketing.

Dream Publishing Co. was founded in July, 1999 by G. Robert Lyles, III, Director, who spent a year sabbatical in careful study and research of the self-publishing industry. As the author and publisher, Rob wanted the opportunity to reach and touch the heart strings of children and adults by offering a quality product as reflected in his enthusiasm to create this “dream.” It is his desire to perpetuate a continued sense of dreaming for a more fulfilling life and ultimately living that dream which was the basis for this entrepreneurial venture.

Rob’s experience professionally is diverse. As an licensed attorney, he practiced law in not only one of the largest firms in his state but also became partner at a boutique one as manager. He took a break to teach middle level English at a private prep school and to coach sports. After that, he decided to take a risk to live his dream beyond the office and classroom. For more information, please read Rob’s free articles on his Self-Publishing (link) website page or contact him directly at 313-882-6603.


Live the Dream in any State of the Economy (PDF)

“A cutting edge leader among self-publishing literary genres. Considered a Ben Franklin of his time, Rob Lyles is a man with a vision. Powerful stuff!”