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Sillwee Wobbert books help sick children feel better.

Who is Sillwee Wobbert? Ask G. Robert Lyles, a man with a vision, who was inspired by his own health limitations as a child. His Sillwee Wobbert Picture Book Series on Children’s Health, is empowering and inspiring children afflicted with diseases like asthma, heart murmur and diabetes.

His books are easy for children to relate to. Wheezing Will is an African American boy with asthma. Jose, a Latino boy has diabetes. Tolerance and diversity are key messages.

Sillwee Wobbert himself is an amazing core character, whose heart-shaped head gives him multicultural, universal appeal.

Children identify with Sillwee Wobbert’s whimsically fun outlook to overcome adversity and emotionally trying days. Each book is a gem filled with messages of kind acceptance. Children with these disabilities are uplifted, in a fun, non-technical way.

Doctors, nurses, parents and siblings nationwide rave about the Sillwee Wobbert’s books and the positive message they provide to everyone about the miracle of coping.

Topics in Sillwee Wobbert’s books include the heart, asthma and diabetes. Lyles is coordinating with schools, camps, support groups, families and health educators to promote this learning and communicating about kids’ health.

The books in this wonderful series include: Sillwee Wobbert The Happy Heart Kid (ISBN# 0-9704861-1-1), Sillwee Wobbert and Wheezing Will in the Big Game (ISBN# 0-9704861-2-X), and Sillwee Wobbert, Diabetes and Jose at School and Play (ISBN# 0-9704861-5-4).

Sillwee Wobbert books are available online or directly from Dream Publishing Co. Cost $9.95 Ea. plus shipping. Media kits, review copies, and interviews available on request. Special feature story inquiries welcome.


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